IBM Changes Licensing Requirements for Virtual Processor Core Licenses

By now, businesses using IBM’s virtual processor core (VPC) licenses should have implemented IBM’s license metric tool (ILMT).  In 2022, IBM added VPCs to the types of licenses that require ILMT to support sub-capacity usage.  Prior to that time, IBM allowed manual counting on a limited basis for those customers that wanted to use sub-capacity licensing.  For the most part, that option is no longer available to customers.

IBM required customers to ensure that ILMT was installed, configured, and accurately reporting no later than January 1, 2023.  Customers that deploy new VPC licenses in a sub-capacity environment are required to immediately deploy ILMT.  Quarterly reporting for VPCs is not yet mandatory, but it is highly recommended by IBM (click here). IBM reiterates that failure to deploy ILMT appropriately will result in full-capacity licensing for those deployments.

The remaining sub-capacity licensing requirements are contained in Section 1.14 of the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement (IPPA).   It is important to know these requirements and be prepared to apply them to all sub-capacity licensing use cases to reduce the risk of significant licensing costs resulting from an audit.

If you have questions about what this policy change means for your software deployments, contact Scott & Scott for a licensing discussion.