IBM Eliminates Sub-Capacity Licensing for Windows 2008 Servers

Microsoft recently ended support for all servers running Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, and Windows 7 operating systems.  After support ended, IBM announced that after Q3 2020, it would no longer support its IBM License Metric Tool (“ILMT”) on any computer running those operating systems.  IBM also announced that computers running those operating systems would…


Eight lessons learned representing clients in IBM Audits

IBM regularly informs customers selected for an IBM license review or software audit that it reviews the license position of all of its customers worldwide. That means if your company has not participated in a software license review with IBM, the odds are very high that such a review will be forthcoming at some time…


New ILMT Policy Could Increase Financial Exposure in IBM Audits

IBM may be making it more difficult for IBM customers to qualify for sub-capacity licensing in virtualized environments.  As many companies who have been audited by IBM have learned, it is sometimes difficult to demonstrate that the company has met all the criteria necessary to avoid licensing the full capacity of the virtualized environment. With…


IBM Introduces Sub-Capacity Licensing Benefits for z/VM Version 6

On July 17, 2017, IBM announced that it would allow customers running z/VM Version 6, Release 3 or higher to license the product on a sub-capacity basis.  Under the sub-capacity licensing arrangement, IBM customers can purchase licenses for a fraction of the full machine capacity, which can often reduce costs and increase flexibility.  However, companies…